Hi, my name is Chris Osmulski. What i do is J2ME games development.

I was interested in computer gaming since late 80's. At that times, the absolute king was my beloved c64!
I was very young :) so my computer interesting was limited to play games mostly.
Later the hardware boom changed everything once for all, but that great time is still coming back now with emulators.

My first touch with Java language was in college in 2001. Then i go deeply in J2SE technology still remembering about the games i was playing with when i was young. I was really fascinated with Object Oriented Programming given in Java by Sun Microsystems. At that time the internet gaming becomes very popular. Also the idea of a web game was in most cases very simple. So was a good area for one programming enthusiast. I started to make games in Java via Applet interface.
The beginning was very enjoyable. I implemented couple of games. You can play them at applets.cydlabs.com.

Later on my friend told me that Java was successfully ported to mobile handsets. In that extremely limited platform i found my beloved harmony.
Java Micro Edition brings a new idea into mobile gaming. One language on all handsets. There is many differences between exact handset, what makes efficient ME programming really problematic. But this is place for me.

In 2003 i started to make commercial games for my partners in Poland, the Looksoft company.
I made couple of games for fast growing polish ME business.
One of my first BIG projects was Omix, Save the Seals. The interesting idea by A. Pichler. I implemented it successfully for SmilouS
Next came time for OMIX2 ADVENTURES, the sequel of Omix.

My skills were growing up much since that time. Later on I met some people in Germany - IECOM.
For them i made two games (still via Looksoft company). The A.I.M.S mobile shooter.
Next came time for great experience with hi level platform game made for IECOM(NDA confidential).
After that i went into new level of ME programming. I worked for really big publisher on games that was in highest level in Graphics, sound and game quality. In the beginning of 2005 i worked on Pink Bubble for IECOM, the cool adventure game that have something from old style c64 BubbleBobble game.

What brings the world in the feature nobody knows. For sure the Mobile3D will come into market with big steps. As everything also mobile market will change into new 3D area. That is obvious and i'm fully aware of that.

Later news about my coding will be placed HERE.

If you need someone for any ME development. Especially games Please feel freely to CONTACT ME.
What i do i extreme efficiency j2ME development of 2D games. I have the skills to port games to many platforms without quality lost. I did make many useful tools that helps to port games fast into all possible languages. Level editors, image and sound packaging tools all well know for me. I did couple of them.

Krzysztof Osmulski aka Clyde